There are two dozen sexual harassment scandals against women on Wikipedia, involving editors, admins and even high-up stewards and sysops.

A user who claims to be a reporter had said that Daily Beast killed the story about Wikipedia's harassment scandals against women on a Wikipedia criticism forum.

Excerpt with further redaction to profane words:

For the folks at home, the story I was working on was going to be published by the Daily Beast in Spring 2024. Everything was in place then we had to go to both Wikipedia and the National Archives for comment, as required by law. Archvies wouldn't speak to us and Wikipedia threatened to sue, I suspect because of what we had found out about their administrators. The piece had mainly been about administrator abuse, using cowtools on Wikipedia to trace ip addresses, dox people's identities then harass them in real life. The (Male Victim) clusterf*** was a big part of the story, but not the entire story. The real beef of the article was about female editors on their site being stalked and even assaulted after having their identities revealed online by administrators. I found several cases of that including a woman who was stabbed outside her home in Mexico City by a stalker who had researched who she was off of her Wikipeida profile.

Daily Beast backed out because of the lawsuit threat, but I still have the whole story and might one day sell the rights. For now, its back to Eastern Europe covering real news.

She also disclosed further details about these scandals.

I gave Daily Beast my story, I'm not sure if they will run it or not. You have to remember the (Male Victim) case is something of old news, as it happened five years ago in 2018. (Perp) and his internet activities were more recent, but he's been quiet now for about two years since I think he actually got a bit scared after his name started popping up on law enforcement radars. I've confirmed he was talked to at least once by law enforcement, mainly about his obsession with the U.S. government worker (Perp) who he had convinced himself was (Male Victim).

(Male Victim) probably did operate that account about fifteen years ago from what I can tell, but was one of several people who did. (Perp) and his buddies don't like it when their narrative gets spoiled, and refused to ever admit, even with the evidence staring them in the face, that the (Male Victim) account was clearly being operated by more than one person. It was actually (Witness) who confirmed that for me in one of our interviews and had himself spoken to two of the people who operated the account.

For those wondering, the end game of (Perp) appeared to be blackmail, or some kind of weird plan where he was going to fly to the United States and confront (Male Victim) in person literally at the front door of the National Archives and be some kind of Wikipedia hero - that's how crazy that guy is. He never went through with his plan since, like I said, law enforcement started taking an interest in him especially after it appeared he really did have a plot to travel internationally to a US federal building in Washington DC. What's really ironic is that when all the (redacted) was going down, (Male Victim) didn't even work at the National Archives anymore.

Also, gotta remember, (Male Victim) was only a small part of my story. In three years of research, I found over two dozen cases where Wikipedia administrators had misused their authority, traced ip addresses, and stalked people in real life. Two of the worst cases ever were (Female Victim A), who some on Wikipedia actually tried to bankrupt as well as a user named (Female Victim B) who apparently there was some type of plan to kidnap and r*pe. Not to mention (Female Victim C), who never told me her user name, but was attacked outside her apartment in Mexico City after a Wikipedia administrator traced her ip address and gave the information to her attacker.

It's actually a wonder no one has been killed yet by some of the people on that web site.

EDIT: Since this post is getting viral which I thank the rdrama community for, here are more breadcrumbs about the scandals.

The (Female Victim D) case was a major part of my recent article, and I spent about a year investigating what happened and interviewed her twice (virtually). What the Wikipedia case didn't report was that those two men did a "trial run" to her village a week or two beforehand and were seen on the street leading up to her home taking pictures and apparently watching her come and go, timing when she would be alone. They were seen by neighbors which is actually how she got tipped off about what was going on, but then the d**kheads started calling her house with both prank and hang up calls. When they came back for "the real thing" she was on her guard and saw them coming. That was also no innocent prank, and it certainly wasn't a misunderstanding where they "got lost on the train" and just happened to wind up on her remote street. I actually think they were trying to kidnap her.

After getting in touch a friend who in turn interacted with the reporter for more details, I learn that there are also a p-dophile scandal within where one of the corrupt Wikipedia administrator tried to traffick a teenager from Thailand into his home.

Sorry I have been out of the loop for a while. That question was posted by a man in Thailand named (redacted) and was connected to a rather despicable incident involving (redacted - perp). I'd previously sent the details to this site's administrators.

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